Implement web applications editing just json files

What you type

  "query": {
    "sql": "select name, amount, duedate FROM requests;"
  "table": {
    "title": "My table",
    "fields": [
      {"headline": "Name", "sqlfield": "name"},
      {"headline": "Amount", "sqlfield": "amount"},
      {"headline": "Due date", "sqlfield": "duedate"}

What you get

Designing web applications is a repetitive process. We need to create forms in order to gather data and tables and reports in order to give data back. All forms, all tables are similar, they are not exactly the same but they are not that much different. I spent so much time developing project management applications, tailored to needs of different organization and I have seen those structures repeting over and over again.

This is the solution I found more productive: to create a templating system that cover the 90% of interfaces and logics I am designing and to use a normal MVC framework for the remaining 10%. If you are wondering why should you bother please read this page, if you are interested about my library I recommend to read this tutorial.