UD allows the developer to save time. 90% of times json resources are enought to develop the most of the application. Sometimes we need to implement some logic that is particulary complicated. In that case we can implement a controller.

A controller in UD has the same functionalities of a controller in a MVC framework.

A controller can implement the methods getRequest and postRequest. As you can imagine the getRequest method is called when the system receives a get request. :-)

For each controller we need to define the constant CONTROLLER_NAME. This consant sets the Router to sent calls to the specific controller. For example if CONTROLLER_NAME is set to mycontroller, each call to will be redirected to this controller.

The properties get_validation_rules, get_filter_rules, post_validation_rules, and post_filter_rules allow the user to set the falidation and flter rules for a GET or a POST request. As for a resource validation seection these rules are set in ordet to call the GUMP library.

It is possible to overryde methods check_authorization_get_request and check_authorization_post_request in order to check if user is allowed to call this specific controller or not.

Controller skeleton

class MyController extends Controller {

    const CONTROLLER_NAME = 'mycontroller';

    public function check_authorization_get_request() {
        // implement checks in order to allow user to see this pagee
        return true;

    // get patameters 
    public $get_validation_rules = array( 'authorid' => 'required|numeric' );
    public $get_filter_rules     = array( 'authorid' => 'trim' );

     * Executed when GET Request arrives
    public function getRequest() {
        $dbh = $this->pageStatus->getDbconnection()->getDBH();
        $logger = $this->applicationBuilder->getLogger();
        $this->templateFile = 'application';

        $menuresource = $this->applicationBuilder->getJsonloader()->loadResource( $this->pageStatus->getSessionWrapper()->getSessionGroup() );
        $this->menubuilder = new MenuJsonTemplate($this->applicationBuilder, $this->pageStatus);
        $this->menubuilder->setMenuStructure( $menuresource );

        // loading data from database using DAO objeects
        $bookDao  = new BookDao;
        $bookDao->setLogger( $logger );
        $books = $bookDao->getByFields( array( 'authorid' => $this->getParameters['authorid'] ) );

        $this->menucontainer          = array( $this->menubuilder->createMenu() );
        $this->centralcontainer = array( new BookList( $books ) );
    // POST patameters 
    public $post_validation_rules = array( 'asid' => 'required|numeric' );
    public $post_filter_rules     = array( 'asid' => 'trim' );

     * Executed when POST Request arrives
    public function postRequest() {


A controller need to extend Controller class. It need to define CONTROLLER_NAME constant and it need to overwrite getRequest method.