I do not know about you but my main problem as a developer is about the many, too many, things I need to handle at the same time for a project tu succeed. The purpose of a project should be about solving somebody’s problem, simplifying, or adding value to his life. Then why we are losing so much time to activities that do not create value and do not solve any problem?

Focus is essential, I think we can all agree on that.

Web technologies in the last few years have become overcomplicated. It is not about solving somebody’s problem anymore. Many developers spend most of their time studying technology. There is nothing wrong with studying, what is wrong is to fill your mind with unnecessary details about technologies that are going to be completely different in a short amount of time. I call it disposable learning. I learn a new thing, I use it once, I throw it away.

Is disposable learning really worth our time?

The funny thing is that the base technologies are not changing so quickly. SQL evolves but at an extremely slow pace. We can say the same for HTTP protocol, for HTML or CSS, they evolve slowly. Languages like PHP, Ruby, Python, or Java, are evolving but they are not even close to how frameworks are changing every day. I think that most of that quick framework evolution has no point.

I think that a developer deserves a framework he can rely on and that allows him to work, to solve problems, and to create useful tools for his clients.