Using resources we describe pieces of application to UD. A resource can be a table that shows data we get from a database using a query, a resource can be a form that is initially filled by data that comes from the database and, after a POST request, saves data back to the database. A reource can be and info panel that load data from the database and shows that data to the user, or can be a chart that shows visually data calculated by formulas applied to the database.

Even a set of queries we apply to the database using a logic is a resource.

Using resources we describe the system piece by piece to UD.

Designing a system, in UD terms means to create a set of json file or resources we provide to the system in order to describe the interface and the logics.

Each reource is a json file with a unique name, a unique path and a specific type. It is listed in a index and contains all related information to describe part of the software system.