Json files are located in a tree of directories the programmer is free to compose. It is important for the programmer to show to UD how to locate the resources files that compose the system. The index.json files does exactly that.

Files are listed in a scripts array. Each file has three fields:

  • path: where the resource is located
  • type: the type of resource, possible values are: [index, table, datatable, chartjs, form, info, group, dashboard, logic, titlebar, tabbedpage]
  • name: this field is unique by resource, it allows the system to identify a resource between all resources that are part of the system. Index reources do not need a name.

It is important to rember that from the root index.json file it is possible to link more index files. This way we try to divide indexes by context and to avoid to have a single enormous index file.

Indexes are followed recoursively so UD is able to create an index based on the name field in order to map every resource.

Example of a index resource

  "name": "index",
  "metadata": { "type":"index", "version": "1" },
  "scripts": [
    { "path":"json/mytables/index.json", "type":"index" },
    { "path":"json/myform/index.json", "type":"index" },
    { "path":"json/globaldashboard.json", "type":"dashboard", "name":"globaldashboard" },
    { "path":"json/info/myinfopanel.json", "type":"info", "name":"myinfopanel" },
    { "path":"json/info/mytabbedpage.json", "type":"tabbedpage", "name":"mytabbedpage" }